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  • Pin Rig (Nylon & Wire)
  • Beaded Chain Rig
  • Circle – Pitch / Skip & Swim Rigs
  • Head Start Lure

Pin Rig (Nylon & Wire)

Everyone knows in rigging ballyhoo, the standard Pin Rig is one of the easiest and most effective rigs out there. The pin rig is a simple way to rig a halfbeak / ballyhoo, particularly if you are just beginning to fish with them, or when fishing with skirts over your baits. They are available with and without chin weights and in wire or just nylon.

Beaded Chain Rig

A long-time favourite for many charter captains, Bead Chain Rigs are great for rigging natural baits, tube lures and plastic tails. Bead Chain Rigs are designed with 4-1/2" of 75 lb. test bead chain attached to a super-sharp Mustad® 3407 hook. Two rigs per package.

Circle – Pitch / Skip & Swim Rigs

This is for the more advanced angler and to those supporting tag and release. Several rigs are available. These rigs will allow you to skip, swim or pitch your halfbeak.

Surface Runner (bird or skip bait)

The Surface Runner's top water action simulates an excited bait trying to escape, attracting surface feeding game fish. The cupped wings eliminate any possibility of spinning. This Head Start version can be rigged weedless by turning the hook up into the bait, allowing it to be pulled over weed lines.

Diver (4 ft deep @ 6 knots)

The diver gives the bait a very natural swimming action that attracts most all game fish. This is achieved by the bait's freedom of movement on the Head Start. The ballasted weight, 1.75oz, keeps the bait upright and running true. Locating the hook far to the back eliminates those short strike misses.

  • Rigs in 20 Seconds
  • True Running Every Time
  • Rigs Bait Fish, Strips or Squid
  • Adjustable Hook Location
  • Eliminates Bait Wash-Out
  • Available in Seven Colors
  • Durable, Compact & Versatile
  • Bead Chain, or Wire Leader

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