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Bahama Lures

Bahama Lures are designed, developed and ocean tested in the Bahamas. They look and catch fish like nothing else out there. All handmade individually, these lures are true works of art, featuring a wide range of colours for the head, eyes and skirt. The eyes are made in house and are unique, allowing the lures to take on a life of their own. Since developing these amazing eyes, the reaction of the game fish to these lures has been startling. Marlin will come back around again and again for the lure, not giving up until they catch it. All other species have proven to have similar reactions including Wahoo, all Tunas and Dorado. batackle-clothing-items

Pakula Lures

Pakula Tackle Australis offers innovative big game fishing lures. Pakula Tackle introduced Lumo and UV additives to world of game fishing. In fact Lumo is a Pakula registered trade mark! All our lures both heads and skirts have our new UV2 additives. It is quite likely that out of all the lure makers Pakula Tackle has offered anglers far more than any other.

Moldcraft Lures

Moldcraft lures started back in 1971 producing a wide variety of innovative, cutting edge lures. From there the product line has blossomed into its present status. With, literally thousands upon thousands of combinations to choose from Moldcraft produces the most diverse trolling lures available today. The "Original Soft Head" lure is proudly produced in the USA with the highest quality anywhere as well as the best price available in today’s market.

Ilander Lures

Iland Lures have earned a world-wide reputation as the finest, most productive artificial lures made today. Striking brilliance and incredible realism are the keys to their success. Their brilliance provides the widest possible detection range and a strike–provoking realism that attracts all species of game fish.

Scent Blazer Lures

Scent Blazer game fishing trolling lures have a detachable bait chamber that you can insert real bait inside so the lures taste and smell like real bait fish. Place baits like Ballyhoo, Mackerel, Sardines, Pilchards, Squid, or Tuna inside the chamber. When the lure is trolled, water passes over the bait inside leaving a trail of the bait's scent and small bait pieces directly behind the trolling lure. The trolling lure actually TASTES LIKE A REAL FISH!

Down Patrol Lures

Small high caliber lures, they’re lethal!
Great in fresh water too, they have accounted for everything from Tilapia to Dog Tooth tunas to Blue Marlin and all points in between! Designed by the Legend Lure team, led by Roddy Hays, these lures are made to the specifications of the .44 Special Smith & Wesson bullet casing.

Richter Lures

These high quality South African made lures have been proven to be the ones to have on board whilst chasing pelagic sport fish. The lures range from the mighty devious, a proven BIG marlin favourite, right down to the tuna slaying junior tornado. All lures are hand made to perfection, each and every resin head is hand poured, polished and painted to produce the highest quality of finish available on the market today.

Head Start Lures

The Head Start is a quick-rigging system for ballyhoo, squid and other bait fish. The Head Start gives dead bait a very natural swimming action which attracts game fish strikes at a variety of trolling speeds. The system was designed for ballyhoo, but all over the world fisherman are rigging it with a variety of baits in both salt and fresh water.
Molded of polycarbonate, the Head Start has been awarded a U.S. patent for its unique through-the-eye locking system. This creative system ensures that the bait does not spin, which prevents line twists and tangles. Both the DIVER and the SURFACE RUNNER give any bait an exciting action, resulting in more strikes and with the hook located in the tail of the bait fish, more hook-ups.
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