Terminal Tackle
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Terminal Tackle
  • Snap –on Swivels (Sea Bouy Pro Grade Ball Bearing)
  • Corkscrew / Pig-tail Swivels (Sea Bouy Pro Grade Ball Bearing)
  • Wind-on Swivels (Sea Bouy Pro Grade Ball Bearing)
  • Rigging Cable
  • Pakula Shackles
  • Grommets
  • Keel Weights (Pakula)
  • Dredge Connector

Snap –on Swivels (Sea Bouy Pro Grade Ball Bearing)

Quick Rig’s Pro Grade ball bearing snap swivels have 2 welded stainless steel rings and stainless steel snap. We tested our snaps and rings to be equal to our ball bearing swivels. When it is rated 450#, all components hold together to 450#.

  • 100lb
  • 150lb
  • 200lb
  • 300lb
  • 450lb

Corkscrew / Pig-tail Swivels (Sea Bouy Pro Grade Ball Bearing)

Sea Buoy Corkscrew swivels have double-welded rings and ball bearings to reduce friction. This pro grade system is just the ticket for rigging lures, Quick bait changes and dredges.

  • 75lb
  • 120lb
  • 260lb
  • 350lb
  • 450lb
Batackle-Corckscrew-Swivels Batackle-Corkscrew-swivels

Wind-on Swivels (Sea Bouy Pro Grade Ball Bearing)

QUICK RIG’s NEW “Wind-On Swivels. “These little swivels are machines down from a solid chunk of brass with all the edges smoothed out to prevent any chaffing of your line or leader. We have the two most useful sizes in Black Nickel finish. Double check your rod guides so there will be no jamming problems with winding-on the leader

  • 175lb
  • 260lb

Rigging Cable

  • 1.5mm
  • 2.0mm

Pakula Shackles

  • Extra Small - (200lb +)
  • Small - (500lb +)


The new Grommet Solid ring set provides the best connection point for Leader.


Keel Weights (Pakula)

The Pakula Keel Rig weights will increase your hook up rate on all Skirted Trolling Lures. Several anglers who were introduced to the Keel Weights last year in New Zealand have enjoyed a 100% success using them on usually difficult to hook Striped Marlin. The Pakula Keel Rigs were first introduced in the late 1980's. Since then we have developed them to a point that anglers can easily adopt the system using the Pakula Keel Rig weights and increase their hook up rates considerably using any Skirted Trolling Lures.

  • Different sizes
Batackle-Keel 2

Dredge Connector

Here is a machined solid brass swivel with our corkscrew connector. Perfect in front of your Dredge or Umbrella rigs. Extremely rugged swivels with a Quick turn on or off as the situation needs. Currently available in a 450 pound rating.

  • 450lb

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