BA-Tackle offers innovative big game and billfish tackle to the serious ski-boater. All our tackle is customized to meet your requirements. At BA-Tackle we do much more than just producing some of the world’s best tackle, we pride ourselves on great service, advice and dedication to provide you with the right equipment to make your fishing trip an unforgettable one. We deliver straight to you, or visit our showroom in Richards Bay for an unbelievable experience.

We do market research to ensure that we stock the best possible tackle at the best possible prices. Our full range of products are on display at our showroom in Richards Bay – KZN. Showroom visits are welcome by appointment only. We deliver worldwide straight to you. If you use or know of a certain product that you can’t find, give us a call and we will do our best to source it for you – saving you time and money.

Join the many ski-boaters that accept BA-Tackle as their preferred supplier of best quality tackle at the best prices.


    From the Captain

    IGFA Captain Sarel Allers has over 20 years of experience to aid to your deep sea fishing prospects. He is highly experienced in both heavy and light tackle facets. Sarel’s successful marlin and game fish career took many anglers to victory in several tournaments and assist countless anglers in catching their dream fish. He is consistently in the top placing on most tournaments. His list of Marlin captures for his clients is outstanding, to say the least.

    Captain Sarel Allers has been fishing since the age of 10. He has fished many destinations around the world including Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Italy, Malta, Gozo, Prince Edward Island (Canada) and local where he have gained extensive experience with some of the best captains in the game.

    All BA Tackle rigging are done by Sarel. NO production lines, each hook-set, rigged lure, connection, service, set-up are done by Sarel himself to ensure the highest quality are maintained. You are more than welcome to give him a call for that customized lure set you have in mind. Club tackle boxes / presentations can be arrange as well. Just give him a call.

    Agent - Distributor

    BA Tackle is the agent and distributor of Imperium Outfitters Lure for South Africa. Join the other tackle retailers who are already taking advantage of these great lures.


    Tournament Wins

    One of the biggest shortfalls I have experienced in tackle shops worldwide and mostly here in SA is that the salesman / woman is not active and / or current in offshore angling. Some are only suitcase angles, just hopping between boats for the ride. I have learnt over the years that the worse advice you can ever get regarding offshore fishing was from suitcase anglers. My opinion of course.

    Only to be active and current you can assess, rate and evaluate tackle, techniques and brands and to establish their real performance in the ever changing sea conditions and environments. So when you step into your next tackle shop ask the person assisting you..”So, what’s your boats name?”

    Well here at BA TACKLE I understand the need to provide my clients with valuable information and advice from learning it first hand on the water on Backline on a continuous basis.

    The podium is no strange place for team Backline… With quite a lot of 2nd and 3rd places on his mark, here are some 1st places for skipper Capt. Sarel Allers.

    • Sailfish Interclub
    • All Inland Interprovincial
    • OET Club tournament
    • Myn Manne
    • OET
    • Aqua Manne
    • Free State Interclub

    Just more reasons why BA Tackle should be you preferred supplier when it comes to your offshore tackle ventures.




    The action of this lure is incredible. It dives deep on the entry of its cycle with smoke and wiggles and then come aggressively to the surface for an explosion…. This lure has been proven deadly in Sodwana, Cape Vidal, St Lucia, Maphelane and Richards Bay.


    Pakula Tackle Australia offers innovative big game fishing tackle, including big game lures, big game hooks, trolling lure skirts, rigs, tools and accessories. Pakula Tackle introduced Lumo and UV additives to the world of game fishing. In fact, Lumo is a Pakula trademark. All our lures, both heads and skirts have our new UV2 additives. It is quite likely that out of all the lure makers Pakula Tackle has offered anglers far more than any other.

    Lure Packs

    For the best lures packs to suit your required needs. Some of the top brands to choose from.

    Hooks & Hooks-Sets

    Hook-sets?? THIS IS MY GAME. I’m putting out probably 1000 hooksets in a year. From small to heavy tackle sets. The most common shortfall I see with anglers is that they invest a lot into good lures but then they end up scheming on the hook- sets. The important thing to understand is that no lure can catch a fish on its own… but a hook can and it is of most importance that you choose the right hook for the right lure… Don’t wary, I can help with this!!!





    You are very welcome to visit should you be around, just make an appointment.





    You are very welcome to visit should you be around, just make an appointment.